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Coaching and mentoring has always come very easily to me. I've always loved working with Little League teams and organizations like that to help them play the best game they can play. I've been a coach and mentor for softball, football, baseball, and basketball teams, but until recently I never thought about making a career out of it. When I went to a life coaching seminar, however, it changed everything.

I had always thought of coaching and mentoring as something you do with sports teams, but apparently you can do it with many other organizations and individuals as well.

Personal coaching has taken off in the last few years. At first I assumed that this was pretty much the same thing as therapy, but it has some pretty important differences. Coaching and mentoring doesn't seek to solve personality problems, but to help you make decisions and to psych you up so that you can stick with those decisions. A good coach and mentor will inspire you and help you find out what you really want out of life. It can have a lot to do with long-term goals, but first it starts out with immediate actions. It is a great way to get you to pick yourself up and start moving again. I went to see a few life coaches when I was having some personal problems, and what they taught me really made a difference. When I was done with those problems, I had the feeling that I could get down to business and really make a difference. I applied to a coaching and mentoring program, and was soon accepted. When I started taking those classes, I was surprised by how easy the principles were. It was all pretty straightforward, simple stuff, but it had some pretty powerful implications. Sometimes, the simplest techniques are the best. All you need is someone dedicated and inspiring to help you put them into practice.

Of course, the most important things in coaching and mentoring are not the techniques themselves but your attitude. Having a healthy attitude is what it's all about. No matter how much theory you have, if you're pessimistic, grouchy, and uninspiring, you will get mediocre results at best. If you can really bring a lot of energy to the program, on the other hand, you will be able to easily make a difference. Sometimes, people just need someone cheering for them for a couple hours to get their lives back on track. It is amazing how much you can do in so little time. I hardly believed it myself when I had my first breakthrough with a client. I just listened to his concerns, helped him see what he had to do, and that was it.

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